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A geoportal is a gateway to Web-based geospatial resources, enabling users to discover, view and access geospatial information and services made available by their providing organizations. Likewise, data providers can use the geoportal to make their geospatial resources discoverable, viewable, and accessible to others.

NebraskaMAP Rest Services

Rest Services simplify the access to GIS data through a centralized location over the Internet for use on desktop GIS software, and mobile Web mapping applications. REST Web services are characterized by stateless interaction, cachable content, and a uniform interface of named resources.

Publishing data to Web Mercator Auxiliary

The big free data resources like ESRI, Bing, and Google publish their data in a projection system called Web Mercator Auxiliary. We have suggested in the past to convert to one projection system. Another approach might be to post a weekly dump of your server data to this projection system. The advantage for using it is obvious. Your Web API will be able to use the vast free data resources without republishing or reprojecting.

Nebraska GIS Data at Nebraska DNR

If you need Nebraska GIS data services Look no more. Nebraska DNR has published many different layers of data for you to consume. And if they haven't published it, you can can still get if from their Spatial/GIS Databases Data Bank.



Applications built with server technology
The links below forward you to applications that are built with server technology.

FreeData Resources

Data published to server in most cases is free The links below will take you to free data repositories that you can use in your desktop GIS software or in your web applications.

  • ESRI
  • Sarpy County
  • NOAA
  • Douglas County
  • USGS
  • Lancaster County
  • Google
  • DNR
  • DEQ
  • Game & Parks